Barnett Hall

Are you a female first year-student who wants to be immersed in greek life? The fourth floor of Barnett is designated as a First Year Hall, while the remainder of the building houses sororities. Barnett is a Lowrise in the Bryan Mall community and is close to Hendrix, Redfern, the Academic Success Center, Schilletter Dining Hall, and plenty of retail dining locations.

  • Number of residential rooms
    152 Spaces
  • Room rate
  • Resident type
    Fraternity & Sorority
  • Women
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Manning, Mauldin, Smith, and Barnett

Front Desk

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Michael Parrish

Coordinator for Fraternity Sorority Housing

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Fredrick Evans

Graduate Assistant for Fraternity Sorority Housing

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Abigail Leppert

Graduate Assistant for Fraternity Sorority Housing

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Can I be released from my housing contract and move off campus in December?

The University housing contract is a legally binding document, and it is for the academic year (Aug. May). Students are encouraged first to contact their Community staff with concerns regarding their housing assignment. If the concerns are not resolved satisfactorily, the student may submit such concerns to the Appeals Committee for further review.

What Do I Do If It’s Too Hot In My Room When I Move In?

We appreciate your patience and understanding that the buildings, apartments, and rooms may seem hot on Move-In Weekend. All doors are open and many people are entering and exiting the buildings, making it difficult to regulate the air flow. Please know that it may take 48 to 72 hours for the building to regain its normal temperature.

  • Please do not open the windows.
  • Close your door. Leaving the door open allows all the cool air to escape into the hall.
  • Please do not adjust your thermostat below 72/74 degrees.
  • If the room does not have a thermostat, place the fan coil cooling on medium and fan speed on medium or low.
  • If you have an air conditioner (Lightsey Bridge I or II) or gas pack (Thornhill Village), DO NOT TURN THE THERMOSTAT ALL THE WAY DOWN. This will make the unit freeze up, and it will have to defrost before it starts cooling again.
  • A fan will help until the building recovers from all doors being open.
  • After allowing time and the room is still not cool you may make a maintenance request.

What Should I Bring?

Visit our What to Bring page.

Can I smoke in my residence hall room or apartment?

Clemson University  is a tobacco free campus. See Clemson University policy.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol Safety


Housing Rules


Housing Rules

Weapons & Fireworks

Housing Rules