Bridge Student Housing Sign-up


Acceptance to the Bridge to Clemson Program

  • Authenticate your Clemson email
    • For assistance with your Clemson University email, username, and password, contact CCIT.
    • After identifying your username and password, log in to the Clemson Home portal using your Clemson University credentials


Feb. 1 (at 8:30 AM ET) – May 17 (Noon at 12:00 PM ET)


Visit the Clemson Home Portal to sign up for Academic Year Housing and Dining.

  • Select a Term
    • If you plan to begin classes in Aug. 2021 – select Academic Year 2021-22
  • Payment
    • Pay the $150, non-refundable, housing contract fee
    • This one-time fee is only assessed when you initially sign up for on-campus housing
    • Pay by credit card; the University accepts any major credit card as a form of payment
  • Contract & Addendum
    • Carefully review and electronically sign the contract and addendum
    • The contract and addendum are legally binding upon acceptance of the terms and conditions
    • We highly recommend you retain a copy of the Clemson University Housing Contract and Addendum. While on this page, you will have the options to save and/or print
  • Review meal plan details

*After May 17? Don’t worry! Housing is guaranteed for all Bridge students. Late applicants will not participate in room select and will be assigned to a space.

Roommate Groups

Feb. 1 (at 8:30 AM ET) – May 17 (Noon at 12:00 PM ET)

  • Create your profile in the Clemson Home Portal
  • Create your roommate group prior to the deadline.
    • Select one, two or three roommates
    • Four is the maximum group size


May 24th

  • Time Slot notifications sent early evening to student’s Clemson University email account

Room Selection

June 3 during assigned timeslots


How Does Priority for Housing Work?

The size of your roommate group determines your sign-up priority. Groups of four receive the highest level of sign-up priority, followed by groups of three, then groups of two and finally singles. Time slots are randomly assigned to each student. The student with the earliest time slot should complete room selection for the group.

How will I know when I can select my housing?

You will receive an email with a timeslot. If you have chosen to be part of a roommate group, you will need to compare your timeslots. The roommate with the earliest time will need to select for the whole group. If you are in a group of 3 or 4, be sure that you have discussed with your roommates how the group will be split into the rooms in the apartment. If there are no spaces available for your group size, you may need to split up and one person from each apartment will need to select.

What if I don’t know who I want my roommate to be?

Don’t worry! The Clemson Home Portal has a roommate matching option, so you will be able to create a profile, answer the lifestyle questions, and search for other students who may be a good fit as a roommate.

Do I have to live on-campus and purchase a meal plan?

All Bridge students are required to live on-campus and purchase the required meal plan. This policy is intended to support your college transition and help to ensure your engagement and success during your first year. Only students who live at home with their parent or guardian in one of the three counties surrounding Clemson and Tri-County (Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee) are exempt from this requirement.

Is housing guaranteed for me?

Housing is guaranteed and required for first year and Bridge to Clemson students. On campus housing is prioritized for new-to campus students with the goal of supporting you during your transition and ensuring your engagement and success during that critical first year. Continuing students are offered housing as available.

What housing options are available to me?

Please check our Residential Communities Page for a full list of Bridge housing options.