Move Out

Late Stay Requests

You can request to stay past the spring move-out date (Sunday after exams) but will need to visit the forms tab on the Housing Portal to request approval.

Preparing for Check-Out

Your community closing meeting will include information about signing up for a check-out appointment. If you have questions, ask your RA.

Lighten Your Load

Give away unwanted items to local charities as you “Lighten Your Load” at the end of the spring semester.

Blue donation bins will be located near each community desk for non-perishable unexpired food items. Bins will also be available to collect study or office supplies.

Please deposit clean, gently used clothes and household items in designated areas near your community. Pod containers will be located at Manning Hall, the Greek Quad, Lightsey Bridge, Calhoun Courts, Shoeboxes and Douthit East & West for larger items such as sofas, recliners, etc. that are in good condition.

Summer Storage

University Housing is unable to provide storage for residents’ personal belongings over the summer.

Trash & Recycling

Trash & recycling should be taken out of your space before checking out. All items should be placed inside (not next to) recycling bins or trash dumpsters. Thank you for cleaning out the recycling bins provided to you by University Housing and returning them to your space.

E-waste containers will be in each community to collect old cell phones, batteries, and computers/computer parts.

Check Out Procedures

Please be mindful of quiet hours for your living space as you prepare for move out, as other students in your residence hall may still be studying for finals.

  1. Remove all personal belongings.
  2. Clean your space thoroughly.
  3. Disassemble bunked/lofted beds and return furniture to its original position. (More details below.) 
  4. Trash & recycling should be removed before checking out. Clean out recycle bins provided to you by University Housing.
  5. Open all blinds.
  6. Go with an RA, GA or House Manager to assess the condition of your space.
  7. Check out at the desk for your community and return your key.

Community desks will be open during regular hours during the week of final exams but will have extended hours throughout the weekend.

Bed & Micro-Fridge Instructions

All spaces should be left with properly assembled University Housing beds before departure.

University Housing Beds

All beds should be left assembled at their original height before checking out. Bed rails provided by University Housing may be left attached to the bed.


Collegiate Concepts will pick up your MicroFridge. They should be unplugged, clean, and dry; the fridge and freezer doors should be left open.


Take your bicycle home! Abandoned bikes will be impounded and recycled 2 weeks from the date they are deemed abandoned. To reclaim a bicycle, call Parking & Transportation Services at 864-722-3625.

Condition of Your Space

Remember you can submit maintenance requests by filling out the online form at any time or by calling 864-656-5450 between 7:30 a.m. and midnight.

A normal amount of wear and tear to furniture, walls, carpets, etc. is expected after living in a particular space during the academic year. Residents will not be responsible for wear and tear that has occurred through normal everyday use of their space.

We encourage all residents to take care of their space. Residents who are found to have intentionally damaged or removed something from their space may be charged and/or referred to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards for damage to property.  Please contact a Residential Living staff member to complete the Responsibility for Damage form; residents who take responsibility for damages to their space will have the cost of repair charged to their Student Account.