Be an RA!

Become an RA

Resident Assistants come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring their own individual strengths, interests, and passions to the position. If you like working with others and are interested in making on-campus life the best it can be, you may be perfect for the RA role. You’ll have opportunities to connect with other students, get valuable work experience and professional development on top of a stipend and some great financial incentives, all while making your mark on Clemson’s campus.

University Housing & Dining (UH&D) strives to create supportive and challenging environments that enrich and nourish lives. Further, we seek to be the premier campus community in the country. Resident Assistants (RAs) are an integral part of furthering this mission and vision.
Resident Assistants will mentor residents to explore who they are, connect with others in the community, engage academically, and lead in meaningful ways.

Inclusion Statement:

We proudly commit to preparing our students and staff to thrive in a global community.  We seek to understand and affirm all identities, engage in residential community dialogue, and promote an inclusive and supportive residential community environment.

Resident Assistants serve students in our residential communities in a variety of roles we have identified as leaders, role models, critical thinkers, peer educators, and community builders.

Job Description

  • Lead your residential community and serve as a mentor and role model to residents
  • Hold residents and yourself accountable to University and Housing policies and standards
  • Interact and encourage interaction with University and Housing partners to create positive experiences for residents
  • Provide support and problem solving assistance to residents while observing and reporting safety, facility, policy, and resident concerns
  • Serve as a resource to students and make referrals to campus resources
  • Build a strong network of connected residents
  • Assist with room inspections, work assigned hours at a community desk, serve in an on-call rotation, and perform other duties as assigned.

Expectations | Full Description | Schedule


  • Enrolled as a full time Clemson student at time of application and start of employment (Bridge can apply, but must successfully Bridge before start of employment)
  • Maintain semester and cumulative 2.0 GPA during application and employment
  • Able to serve as a role model without academic dishonesty issues
  • Recommended no more than 18 credit hours of classes
  • C or better in EDSA 3900 prior to employment


  • Stipend: $4,020 total for the academic year unless otherwise indicated.
  • Meal Plan: For building relationships in dining halls and retail locations on campus
  • Discounted Housing: Private rooms at a discounted rate of $2,756 per semester (as of 2020-21); may receive a temporary roommate if overflow space is needed
  • The value of the housing rate and meal plan is applied to your financial aid, so check with an aid counselor if you have questions


The Application is open Monday, November 16, 2020 to Monday, February 1, 2021. Apply in the Employment Portal.

This application consists of a brief personal essay and five short answer questions. Each short answer question is based on one of the five RA Competencies listed above.